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For over a decade Mozilla has been using IRC to publicly chat with anyone interested to join the community. Recently, we’ve launched a replacement for it by creating a Mozilla community Matrix instance. I will be focusing on simply documenting what the process looks like to join in as a community member (without an LDAP account/Mozilla email address). For the background of the process you can read it here. Follow along the photos and what each caption says.

This is the landing page. Read the participation guideline and click on the “Sign In” button
This image shows another sign in dialogue. Follow the sign-in button and see if any of the options works for me.
Follow the sign-in button. If none of the listed options in the next page works for you come back try “Create account”
Use one of the listed services or go back and create an account. Use the email address field only if you have an LDAP account (generally a Mozilla email address)
After you sign in you will get a system alert. You will need to accept the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions before you can use the service
Use the “Explore” button to find the room you’re interested in

If you have managed to get this far, Welcome to Mozilla’s Matrix! 😄

NOTE: If there’s an official page documenting the process I’m not aware of it. I will add it once it is published.

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