Filter Treeherder jobs by test or manifest path

At the beginning of this year we landed a new feature on Treeherder. This feature helps our users to filter jobs using test paths or manifest paths.

This feature is useful for developers and code sheriffs because it permits them to determine whether or not a test that fails in one platform configuration also fails in other ones. Previously, this was difficult because certain test suites are split into multiple tasks (aka “chunks”). In the screenshot below, you can see that the manifest path devtools/client/framework/browser-toolbox/test/browser.ini is executed in different chunks.

Showing tasks that executed a specific manifest path

NOTE: A manifest is a file that defines various test files, thus, a manifest path defines a group of test paths. Both types of paths can be used to filter jobs.

This filtering method has been integrated to the existing feature, “Filter by a job field” (the funnel icon). See below what the UI looks like:

Filter by test path

If you’re curious about the work you can visit the PR.

There’s a lot more coming around this realm as we move toward manifest-based scheduling in the Firefox CI instead of task-based scheduling. Stay tuned! Until then keep calm and filter away.